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Analogue Health

Analogue Health

Its funny what the journey of moving into a healthier life can get compared to, sometimes a blossoming flower or even a beautiful sunrise over the ocean. Ever heard the comparison between a healthy wholesome life and recording music in analogue?  Ok let me elaborate..

Recently i watched a great music documentary called Sound City, which was made by Dave Grohl, former drummer of Nirvana and now lead singer of The Foo Fighters. Dave was looking at the musical history of a recording studio, Sound City which was famous for its mixing desk known as a Neeve Console. Legendary bands and artists such as Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young recorded there largely due to the rich, warm sound that the Neeve was able to capture.

With the advent of digital recording it became a lot easier process to capture music, edit out mistakes and make the sound as perfect as the artist wanted.  However, when Dave interviewed the artists and musicians who recorded in analogue on the Neeve console, they explained that they were not trying to create perfection but were looking to create an emotional connection that the listener could relate to. That process was not always easy and required a great deal of self belief,dedication and patience. Albums such as After The God Rush by Neil Young, Never Mind by Nirvana and Unchained by Jonny Cash are testament to the sound that analogue recording could produce. 

Whilst watching Sound City i couldn't help thinking about how recording in analogue was like the journey into life enhancing wellness. That we are not striving for perfection but instead connection to ourselves and those around us. That the journey will require patience and commitment but the result will give us something we can be truly proud of throughout our lifetime. So when it comes to adopting a healthy philosophy to your workout it might be worth thinking in analogue and aim for imperfection to achieve life long wellness.