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Allow me to introduce myself

Allow me to introduce myself

As I write this a third of the world is in some form of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That sentence feels slightly surreal to read, as is the day to day life that we're all experiencing.

There are clearly better times to launch a new business, especially in an industry that places such high value on the personal connection between trainer and client.  Truth be told the urge to delay launching has been tempting, it makes sense to wait until the water is calmer rather than jumping into a stormy sea, right?  Well as the old saying goes there never is a perfect time and this is about as imperfect as it gets, so perhaps a leap of faith is the best choice in this unprecedented time.

So I thought it might be useful to describe what Wholegevity is all about.  Rather than go into lengthy and probably slightly dull prose about experience, qualifications and satisfied clients I thought it might be more truthful to talk about empathy and imperfection.

If I could replay the film of my adult existence, one of the major patterns I would observe is that when I've invested both time and effort to encourage my body and mind to flourish I've experienced a sense of joy, contentment and satisfaction with my world.  On the other hand I've also had periods of life where I have been deeply out of sync both physically and mentally.  This has lead to negative patterns of behaviour and a loss of connection with myself and those close to me.  In other words, I'm pretty similar to the majority of us.  We've all glimpsed our most joyful selves during life but we're also familiar with the shadows and doubts that lurk around our daily thoughts and the struggle to find our true path.  Therefore, Wholegevity is not about striving for perfection but accepting ourselves for who we are and encouraging improvements where necessary.

With this in mind, having spent twenty years working in fitness with clients from all spectrums of life there are behavioural patterns that emerge on a frequent basis.  The most notable being that physical activity creates a real shift in mood from negative to positive and a greater sense of compassion and self worth. Therefore I've become really interested in how movement, especially in a natural environment can enhance the quality of life as well as making us physically healthy.

Wholegevity is grounded in training principles that take a circular approach to health and wellbeing.  Physical goals and objectives are encouraged and supported but alongside other spectrums of good health such as maintaining quality restful sleep, discovering and utilising character strengths and creating purposeful engagement with both oneself and the world at large. 

In this unprecedented time our normal in-person services of personal training and wellbeing experiences are currently on hold.  We are however able to offer a remote training facility, so if what we're about resonates and you're looking for guidance or simply encouragement on your own health journey then please feel free to get in touch and we can launch the boat together.