Strength Trekking


Strength Trekking


A guided walk carrying a weighted rucksack over undulating terrain.


Builds strength and stability whilst simultaneously improving cardiovascular health.

Highly beneficial for enhancing mood and a sense of wellbeing.

Helps to enhance bone density through consistent loading of bones, joints and ligaments

Offers improvements in stability and balance from consistent core activation.

Gives approximately the same calorie benefit as running without the high force impact going through the ankle and knees.

Encourages efficient posture through the position of the weight helping to pull the shoulders back to their natural state of alignment.

It's a simple and social activity which anyone can do in the great outdoors.


Those looking to slow down the loss of bone mass and enhance both strength and stability for activities of daily living

People looking to improve balance and lower the risk of falls in everyday life

Those looking for activities that are less high impact for both bones and ligaments but still give great cardiovascular benefits.

Friends looking for a simple social activity that requires minimal preparation based in inspiring outdoor locations.

Session Types.

Introduction trek

A great way to come and explore the benefits of strength trekking. Our route will take in some gentle inclines but with an emphasis on getting the feel of walking with a weighted bag. Distances will be between 3-4 miles at a rate of approximately 15 minutes per mile. Sessions will last approximately 1 hr

Regular Trek

Covering between 5-7 miles over rolling terrain our regular treks are the perfect activity for those looking to challenge themselves and reap the benefits of improved strength and cardiovascular health whilst enjoying the inspiring scenery. Sessions will last approximately 90 minutes.

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