What can I expect on a Strength Trek session?
We’ll be walking at a purposeful but manageable pace over a variety of different terrain whilst enjoying the company of our fellow trekkers. Segments of the walk will focus on both the strength and stability benefits of the activity through instructor led exercises. These are entirely optional and can be done at each participants own pace
I’m imagining a military style march. Is that comparable?
Far from it! The only similarities are the health benefits for both strength and cardiovascular health.  We offer a supportive, social environment with definitely no shouting but perhaps a few giggles now and again!
I’m worried that I’m not going to be able to keep up?
Don’t be, each individual will carry a load suited to there ability, everyone can work at their own pace whilst still being part of the group, and no-one gets left behind.
What should I wear?
Comfortable, lightweight clothing that is suitable for hill walking is probably best and remember to bring waterproofs, whatever the forecast says!
What weight should I use?
Start with something manageable, if you’re starting out 10-15lbs is a good place to begin. As a reference a 2 litre bottle of water weighs 4.4lbs.
If you’re more experienced in carrying heavy loads then aim to start with 20-25lbs
What should I fill my pack with?
Anything that provides the desired weight but with the most comfort.  Some ideas are listed below.
Water bottles
Sand bags
Weight plates
How should I pack the weight?
Ideally you should look to pack the weights at the top off the bag rather than the bottom as this will help to keep the load more balanced, this can be done by padding out the bottom of the bag with additional clothing or a couple of towels.
Am I in safe hands?
Definitely.  I have over twenty years experience working as a health coach and have worked with a broad spectrum of clients from elite athletes to those just starting their wellbeing journey or recovering from illness.  Alongside my fitness qualifications I also hold an outdoor leadership first aid qualification so am able to deal with any necessary primary care, if the situation should arise.
I’m also a qualified open water swimming coach.
Can I try a session before purchasing a block?
Absolutely, we run tasters most weeks so you can get a real feel of the Walk Well experience.