Uber Wellbeing Retreats

On a Wholegevity retreat our main focus is to provide an environment where our guests can flourish both physically and emotionally. We understand that everyone is different and so we look to provide a tailored experience for each person who stays with us, taking into account personal goals and fitness ability.

We provide an active daily schedule which incorporates the wonderful natural environment that surrounds us. From trail runs to natural movement sessions, our fitness schedule is designed to invigorate and rejuvenate, whilst also being mindful of the importance of balance, allowing ample time for rest and rejuvenation throughout the day. 

We also look to give our guests the tools to continue on their Wellbeing journey once they leave us Our workshops are designed to be informative, refreshing and fun. Our aim is to provide each of our guests with the information necessary for long term health, fitness and vitality. 

All of our food available on the retreat is locally sourced and prepared freshly onsite. In conjunction with our own chef we've designed a menu of nutritious wholesome food that support our guests health and wellbeing goals.

For any further questions or to say hello contact:

Nick@uberwellbeing.com or 07768121415 or complete the contact form.