Matt Palfrey


Matt is a strength and conditioning coach, author and consultant to the fitness and medical industry. 

A Biomechanics and Sport Science graduate, Matt uses his academic knowledge and practical experience to ensure that he gets the very best from everyone that he works with. His unique approach to coaching has also led him to current positions as the Health and Wellbeing Advisor for BMI Healthcare (Europe's largest private healthcare company), regular featured author in a number of print magazines and online blogs and the Commission Editor for SportEX Journal. 

Matt brings with him a passion for alternative forms of fitness and exercise, including sandbag training - a method in which he is regarded as an expert. He runs a popular blog on the subject and has also authored 2 books.

"I've been coaching for 15 years and my passion for helping others succeed is as strong as it's ever been. I like to think that I bring with me a unique combination of coaching skills and knowledge that I'm able to use to ensure results. My experience in the field of rehabilitation also allows me to work with individuals who are recovering from injury or those that suffer from muscular imbalances."