Flourish and Grow Package


Our monthly training and coaching packages are designed to be the consistent partner in building vibrant health and vitality into daily life.  

Each option includes a tailored fitness programme alongside coaching for emotional resilience and wellbeing.   The service includes an initial movement assessment alongside a consultation to agree desired goals, outcomes and challenges  

From this we build a programme that is unique to the individual and contributes to long-term health and wellbeing.  Progression and feedback are discussed to ensure consistency and effectiveness and address any queries.

Physical sessions can be in person or delivered via our designated App partner True Coach.  At the end of each month we schedule a movement meeting where coach and client arrange either a hike or bike round the local countryside to review progress and agree a strategy for continued physical and emotional wellbeing.

This monthly package includes:

 - Consultation and movement analysis programme, agree a suitable system for achieving desired outcomes.
 - Bi-Weekly 121 PT session and ongoing programme review.
 - Bi-Weekly Coaching session to check in with progress, offer guidance and provide support.
 - Nutritional guidance and lifestyle support.
 - Monthly Review and progress assessment.

Price is per month.